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LifeCenteredDesign.Net is a curated directory of resources to help us design more responsible, sustainable, ethical and all in all more meaningful products, systems, and services.

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LifeCenteredDesign.Net is a curated directory of resources around Life-centered Design and related fields. Its purpose is to help us become more life-centred in our thinking and finally also in our doing while designing products, services, and systems.

Life-centered Design is an emerging design philosophy, that goes beyond short-term human needs and focuses on all life while recognizing, that we all live in a larger codependent system. -- Katharina Clasen

Since Life-centered Design is an evolving field, information about it is still rather scarce. This was especially the case when I first heard about it in 2019. Back then I immediately fell in love with this design thinking and so the decision to create a hub for information to contribute to the “common learning curve” was made quite easily.

And now it is finally here and with other projects like the Life-centered Design Collective, I really hope I can help spread the word about Life-centered Design and also help evolve its principles and philosophy.

So feel free to dive into the resources around Life-centered Design and all the related fields and topics! And if you want to get all the new links delivered to your inbox once a month, please sign up for the Newsletter here.

💚 Katha